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aQuest continues its development, while its crypto-system is enriching

After listing on IDEX last end of June and after ending its successful ICO on April 2019 as announced today we released a first...
September 30, 2019

Aquest token (AQU) will be listed on IDEX next 28 June 2019

After ending its successful ICO on April 2019 and as announced, we’re proud to announce officially that on next Friday 28th Jun...
June 26, 2019

aQuest completed its successful ICO

AQU tokens will be listed on exchanges within next end of June [Nova Gorica, 14 April 2019] – Last Tuesday 9 April aQuest compl...
April 14, 2019

How aQuest works for creators and companies

Let’s see how aQuest works for creators and companies. A classical example is an ICO token giveaway. A company has an ICO creat...
April 4, 2019

Next Tuesday it will begin the last week of aQuest ICO

After reaching the softcap during the preliminary phase, during the public sale our project has already proved to be successful...
March 30, 2019

aQuest public sale begins after the soft cap has been reached during the preliminary phase

After the completion of private and pre sale of aQuest, on last Monday AQU token public sale has begun. In the preliminary phas...
February 27, 2019
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