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aQuest is a unique decentralised app that pays you for completing a certain task. Simple as that.

AQU Token Smart Contract: 0x7756edf05ef3c2b321a85d77b5cbf7c8a9a7c247

What is AQU token?

aQuest tokens (AQU) are the utility tokens, used for operations on aQuest platform.

aQuest offers its creators to create marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants. Participants to a quest are required to finish a task in order to be eligible for a reward payment at the end of a quest. A task is a digitaly verified action that a user is required to complete in order to successfully participate to a quest (Examples: Survey, Facebook Like).

  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Mobile first

Small tasks. Big impact.

With aQuest you can create powerful marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants.

Participants are required to finish a simple task in order to be eligible for a secure reward payment. On the other hand you as a company can gather important data on your customers and boost your brand recognition.

Example: If this quest is an airdrop quest, the signee can obtain valid ERC-20 tokens at the end of the airdrop.

Cloud based tool
integrated with enkronos apps

aQuest application helps you in building quests with innovative and intuitive cloud based tools. These tools are accessible from all devices. Therefor managing and creating quests is simple and can be done from anywhere.

All quests integrate with Enkronos Apps and contribute to building a creators Users Pool. Quests are a great way to help build up the users pool in Enkronos Apps while at the same time as your collection of users is building up you can engage the same users with other applications that focus on improving the engagement of users with your brand.

aQuest features

Distribution of Tokens

The initial issue of AQU tokens is programmed by a smart contract and will be carried out as you can see on the pie chart.
  • 36,11% Distributed to Community

  • 43,89% Locked and reserved

  • 12% Founders and Team

  • 6% Advisors

  • 2% Bounty campaign

  • 30% Advertisement and PR

  • 25% Development

  • 20% Internal Business

  • 20% Integration

  • 5% Legal, IT & Admin

Funding Allocation

For a good governance of the aQuest apptransparency is a key value.  The overall allocation percentages are the same as stated in the Whitepaper and also displayed in pie chart on your right.

frequently asked questions

What are aQuest Tokens (AQU) and what purpose do they serve?

aQuest Tokens (AQU) are a utility tokens of aQuest App.

What is the price of 1 aQuest Token (AQU)?

The prize of 1 (one) aQuest token (AQU) is 0.006 Ethereum (ETH).

Because aQuest is also part of Enkronos Apps platform, the AQU token can be exchanged for Enkronos token (ENK). The exchange rate is 2 ENK = 1 AQU.

What is the total supply of aQuest TGE (Token Generation Event)?

The total supply of aQuest TGE is 200.000.000,00 aQuest tokens (AQU).

What it the connection between aQuest and Ekronos?

aQuest is being developed by Enkronos company. aQuets application is one of the apps on Enkronos Apps platform (Enkronos Apps platform is an exclusive multi-application environment for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions).

You can learn more about Enkronos company here and here If you want to use or just try out Enkronos Apps please sign in or register here:

What are the terms of the Crowd Sale (Public Sale)?

aQuest Crowd Sale (Public Sale) will last xy days (from Sept 18, 2018 h15:00 CET to Nov 20, 2018 h14:59 CET) with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO.

What is the Softcap of aQuest TGE?

The Softcap of aQuest TGE is 1.000.000,00 USD dollars.

If this minimal amount will not be reached during the TGE, then any interested party will be able to retire their whole investment and will be fully reimbursed.

What is the Hardcap of aQuest TGE?

The Hardcap for aQuest TGE is 39.000.000,00 USD dollars.

What will happen to unsold AQU tokens?

All unsold and unallocated AQU tokens shall go back to Enkronos d.o.o. and additional release оf tokens will not be possible.

How it all started

September 2018
The origin of aQuest platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
October 2018
Elaboration of aQuest platform legal model in various jurisdictions. Development starts.
December 2018
Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for AQU token release. Private sale starts. Continue the development of the platform.
January 2019
Private sale ends. Pre ICO starts. aQuest API development. aQuest web application development. Start of the marketing campaign to attract end-users.
February 2019
Pre Sale ends. ICO public sale starts.
April 2019
ICO public sale ends
June 2019
September 2020
Release of platform’s 1st Release. Start of AQU wallet.
February 2021
Release of platform’s 2nd Release
May 2021
AQU wallet development.

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