How aQuest works for creators and companies

Let’s see how aQuest works for creators and companies. A classical example is an ICO token giveaway.

A company has an ICO created and wishes to airdrop tokens to all eligible signees and possible future investors. The airdrop will be ongoing during the time the ICO is live.

The company is the creator of the airdrop and wishes to obtain personal information regarding the possible investors of the ICO. You, the creator, visit Enkronos Apps and selects the “aQuest” application.

There you can create a new Airdrop with the needed basic information about the Airdrop:

  • Creating a quest
  • ERC standard of token
  • unique subdomain that is available
  • Airdrop size (Signee amount)
  • matters because of different costs
  • Airdrop basic information (image, title, description, start_at, end_at, amount of tokens)
  • Airdrop Type
  • Focused data collecting (survey form)
  • Signee submit msg

It’s easy, isn’t it?

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aQuest Marketing Team

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