The 2nd release of aQuest introduces Bounty Campaigns

After the development of a first version of aQuest, it is a great pleasure today to announce the publishing of a new release of our platform, with the introduction of Bounty Campaigns. The first campaign types implemented are Facebook and Twitter and others will follow.

AQuest is a unique decentralised app that pays you for completing a certain task.

AQuest let creators build marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants. Participants to a quest are required to finish a task in order to be eligable for a reward payment at the end of a quest. A task is a digitaly verified action that a user is required to complete in order to succesfully participate to a quest (Examples: Survey, Facebook Like).


AQuest application helps you in building quests with innovative and intuitive cloud based tools. These tools are accessible with all devices. Therefore managing and creating quests is simple and can be done from anywhere.

Last, but not least, all quests integrate with Enkronos Apps and help to easily build users pools for creators, thanks to quests that are a great way to obtain this goal while at the same time as your collection of users is building up you can engage the same users with other applications that focus on improving the engagement of users with your brand.


Furthermore AQU tokens will also create a crypto-ecosystem with other tokens, first of all with Enkronos Tokens (ENK) already listed on some important exchange, and many others. In next future other crypto projects will follow, introducing new utility tokens that will be convertible in the new crypto-ecosystem.


aQuest Marketing Team