aQuest public sale begins after the soft cap has been reached during the preliminary phase

After the completion of private and pre sale of aQuest, on last Monday AQU token public sale has begun. In the preliminary phase we easily reached the softcap and then the project is already successful.

Now you can buy AQU tokens directly from our web site from

aQuest is a unique decentralised app that pays you for completing a certain task. Simple as that.

aQuest offers its creators to create marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants. Participants to a quest are required to finish a task in order to be eligible for a reward payment at the end of a quest. A task is a digitaly verified action that a user is required to complete in order to successfully participate to a quest (Examples: Survey, Facebook Like).

You have time till next 9th April to buy AQU tokens in our public sale.

aQuest Marketing Team

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