How to use aQuest? An example: Airdrops

Here is an example of how to use aQuest platform. A company has an ICO created and wishes to airdrop tokens to all eligable signees and possible future investors.

The airdrop will be ongoing during the time the ICO is live. The company is the creator of the airdrop and wishes to obtain personal information regarding the possible investors of the ICO. You, the creator, visit Enkronos Apps and selects the”aQuest” application. There you can create a new Airdrop with the needed basic information about the Airdrop:

  • Creating a quest
  • ERC standard of token
  • unique subdomain that is available
  • Airdrop size (Signee amount) – matters because of different costs
  • Airdrop basic information (image, title, description, start_at, end_at, amount of tokens)
  • Airdrop Type
  • Focused data collecting (survey form)
  • Signee submit msg

When the airdrop is created, you, the creator is required to pay the bill for the individual airdrop. After the payment, the creator can publish the airdrop. Publishing the airdrop makes the airdrop already available to all the potential signees. At this stage you, the creator, should start telling your community where the Airdrop is located.

When your airdrop meets its end the signees will be able to collect their airdrop by visiting the automated website from the airdrop and following the information given to them by the airdrop application.


  • Combined and centralized data for future engagement applications (loyalty, contest, location, etc …)
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Build your users pool (Read more in DataGathering -> Users Pool)
  • Automated Airdrop through Ethereum

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