aQuest Source Code is Verified on Etherscan

Verifying source code on Etherscan is optional, but is something most popular token contract developing teams does. And so we did.

Why? It always comes down to being transparent. Investors in the ICO word would like to make sure that the token contract code enforces cryptoeconomics described in the whitepaper. Aquest source code is also available on GitHub, but this gives no guarantees that the code in the repository is even remotely similar to the one running on-chain. It is a contract after all, so it would be good to give other parties a chance to familiarize with the conditions they are going to “sign”.

Etherscan is very popular (if not the most popular) blockchain explorer. A lot of people use Etherscan to learn more about the transaction or particular address on Ethereum blockchain. It provides multiple services on top of its exploring capabilities. One of them is confirming that binary data under specific address is a result of compilation of the specified source code (that you can read and analyze).

aQuest source code for aQuest token Smart Contract:

aQuest on GitHub:


Are you interested in aQuest project? Do you want to know more? Contact us, we will be happy to explain you everything in details.


aQuest Marketing Team

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