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When you create a new app you have to carefully choose every single word that defines every app´s feature. They have to be easy to understand, intuitionable and also well explained, so that the user shouldn’t have doubts of what does it mean.

Let´s find out some of aQuest Features.

QUEST CREATOR -> You as the owner of the Enkronos Apps account and the creator of individual quests in aQuest.

QUEST SIGNEE -> A Quest signee is an individual user that has joined and is participating on a quest. A user can do this by visiting the Quests website [Automated quest website*] filling out the needed form and finalizing the procedure by pressing submit. The creator of the quest can define what information he wishes to gather from future signees. A signee is eligable to obtain the payment that are defined by the quest at the end of the quests duration.
Example: If this quest is an airdrop quest, the signee can obtain valid ERC20 tokens at the end of the airdrop.

AUTOMATED QUEST WEBSITE -> During the quests creation procedure, the creator will be required to enter a unique subdomain that will represent the quest (Example: When a quest is published the unique website is visible to the public. During its visibility the website will explain the different phases as it goes through its life cycle. During this time users can sign up for the quest, do its task and be eligible to collect the reward at the end.

QUEST TYPES -> Each quest behaves in a certain aspect. This behaviour is defined by the quests type. Quest type defines some ground rules regarding what is allowed (Example: Airdrop quests can only have rewards of type cryptocurrency based on Ethereum). The first quest type that is available on aQuest is Airdrop.

AIRDROP SMART CONTRACT -> Is the smart contract that publicly regulates an airdrop. aQuest smart contract is on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

QUEST TASKS -> In aQuest signees are required to complete a task given to them by the quest website. Doing so makes them eligible for collecting the reward at the quest collection period. The creator defines which task a quest has.

aQuest offers the following tasks:

  • Survey

Future possible implementations:

  • Bounty Task (a certain comment or text written in a hashtag on twitter)
  • Facebook Like
  • Watching an advert
  • Installing an application
  • Doing a certain digital event in a third party application

QUEST REWARDS -> Creator of a quest defines the reward that the signees can grab at the collection period of the quest.

aQuest offers the following reward option:

  • Ethereum based ERC20 tokens

Future possible implementations:

  • Fiat currency with credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Digital currency linked to a third party application (Game currencies, AWS credits, Enkronos Credits)

QUEST ENDING -> aQuest ends at a date defined by the quests creator. This date marks the ending of users being able to sign up for the quest and completing its task. However, this date also represents the start of the collection period.

QUEST COLLECTION PERIOD -> Quest collection period is a time interval that extends from the ending of the quest to another date determined by the quests creator.

We are sure there will be new (and better) definitions coming up during the aQuest development process. That is also why we would like to invite YOU in helping us in this process. Do you have a better idea? Or is there something that is not understandable? Just contact us here, send us an email to or write a message on one of our social media profiles.

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